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Small Business Owners, CEOs, and Founders bring me in when

1) They want to scale up their business from 5 Million in Revenue to 50 Million in Revenue in the next 3 to 5 years.

2) They want to be that 20% to 30% of businesses that go to market and sell, knowing they have chosen the right exit option for themselves and their business to ensure they have been able to harvest wealth and pursue other endeavors without any regret.

3) They have business partners and or work with family members. Communication is tense or lack of communication, with no standards, processes, systems, shared purpose, or agreement upon a business plan with key objectives for growth, no accountability, and no exit strategy in place.

4) They hire the wrong people because there is no hiring process for talent, no development plan, training, and coaching of new hires to become leaders in the company.

5) They have no accountability and time to focus on their goals and objectives for their future. They are living day-to-day. Their business is running them—no written plan, no processes and systems, and no succession plan for a leadership team to grow the business exponentially to get them out as owner-operator or owner-manager. They are a “Boss.”

6) They feel alone. There is no one to think, share, support, or challenge ideas, thoughts, and issues who understands the journey of growing a successful business (No Sounding Board).


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