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MAPS Business Coaching

MAPS Business Coaching


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I am a business coach, trainer, and speaker.

Small Business Owners, CEOs, and Founders bring me in when

1) They feel alone. They have no one to think, share, support, or challenge ideas, thoughts, and issues who understand the journey of growing a successful business (No Sounding Board).

2) They have lost their way, their focus, their confidence. Doubt and uncertainty have set in. They are not sure what to do next. They are stuck. They are unsettled.

3) They spend more time managing people and resources, not leading them. They do not see themselves as leaders or do not know how to lead.

4) They hire the wrong people with no specific training and development programs, so they do not create leaders who will run different business elements.

5) They have no accountability and thinking time to focus on their goals and objectives for their future. They are living day-to-day. Their business is running them. No written plan for the future and the no processes and systems to execute the plan.

6) They do what they love all the time in their business, such as selling or operations because it is easy and comfortable. Still, they are not making a serious commitment to go to the next level for this business by being the “true business owner.” They have hit the ceiling, and they are not ok with it or do not know how to move to pass it.

7) They have to grow their company because they want to sell it or fund a buyout for the company as part of their exit strategy.


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